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When it comes to reclaimed wood furniture, you can count on Green Meadow Barn Company. We take century old wood from historic homes and barns then reuse it to create magnificent pieces of furniture that will be enjoyed for decades. Our talented artist, Carolyn Linton, has spent more than 30 years handcrafting each magnificent piece with love and dedication.

Every piece of solid wood furniture we create is hand made from the wood of historic barns throughout the state of Missouri. These aging structures, ranging from the pre-Civil War era to the early 1900s, were made from old-growth Missouri wood. Each wood structure is thus rich with the natural history of our state, as well as story of the men and women who lived and worked between their strong walls.

Don’t let the aged look of these pieces fool you—their historic look and hand crafted quality allow these wood pieces to find a place in any home. They become standout character pieces in modern homes, blend beautifully into rustic décor, and give a touch of class and vintage quality to any room.

Each timber and beam of reclaimed wood or recycled wood is collected by the artist herself. The desks, tables, and benches are then sanded, built, and fashioned by hand. They all have a hand-rubbed wax finish, giving it the natural look that would come with a century of good care. It is as if the wood was where it was always meant to be.

In using 100-150 year-old growth timber combined with both traditional and original designs, each item becomes a special character piece. With the wood perfectly and naturally distressed, it carries a tenacity and authenticity as a one-of-a-kind, museum-quality item.

Every piece sports a pewter medallion with an ink sketch of the original building that the wood was once a part of. The history, date, and origin of the wood are written in a discreet place. Finally, the artist signs each and every piece.

Seeing is believing when it comes to our magnificent pieces of rustic wood furniture, Columbia. Our artist will also gladly create a custom designed piece that fits your individual needs. Call us to schedule a convenient time to see our rustic wood furniture pieces.

Photos by Madison Berry

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