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Here at Green Meadow Barn Company, artist Carolyn Linton is constantly working to create new character furniture pieces in Columbia using the century old wood from barns and homes around Missouri. She takes the old pieces of wood from the structures and gives them a new life, enabling heritage and history to live on for decades to come.

While each piece is unique, she will gladly work with you on a custom designed piece to meet your needs and plans. When you choose a piece made by Linton, you can rest assured that it will be a focal point in your home. Each piece of furniture features character and beauty that cannot be found in factory created pieces.

We are the source for character furniture pieces and offer unique designs that tell a story. The picture of the barn where the wood came from is etched in a pewter medallion and attached to each piece of furniture that we sell. If you have wood from your own barn or home, Linton can turn that into character furniture pieces as well. We have dozens of happy customers around Columbia.

Happy Customers
“I am captivated by the joy and warmth emanating from each piece of furniture. The simple, aesthetic beauty of the work is wonderful." – Kit S., owner of 11 Green Meadow Barn Company pieces.

“As customers come into the showroom, their first comments are, ‘wow, you don't find anything like this in a regular store…’ These are real character pieces.” – Kathy M.

Contact us today about character furniture pieces. We will gladly schedule a time to meet with you.
Photos by Madison Berry

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