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Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Reclaimed Wood Furniture | Green Meadow Barn Company

When it comes to reclaimed wood furniture, you can count on Green Meadow Barn Company. We take century old wood from historic homes...

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Old Wood Furniture

Old Wood Furniture | Green Meadow Barn Company

Many people love old wood furniture, but Green Meadow Barn Company offers old wood furniture that stands out from all the rest. Handcrafted and...

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Character Furniture Pieces

Character Furniture Pieces | Green Meadow Barn Company

Here at Green Meadow Barn Company, artist Carolyn Linton is constantly working to create new character furniture pieces in Columbia using...

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The place where the heritage and ambiance of old Barns and Homes get to live on and be enjoyed.
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Welcome to Green Meadow Barn Company

We know the importance of heritage and preserving history. That is why Green Meadow Barn Company stands out from other businesses in the Columbia, MO, area. With our help, the heritage and ambiance found in old barns and homes can live on and be enjoyed for years to come. We salvage the historic wood and in turn it into beautiful pieces of furniture that can be used for decades.

Green Meadow Barn Company specializes in using century old Missouri wood, reclaimed from aging historic barns and homes, to craft furniture for every home. Through her care and design, the artist, Carolyn Linton, breathes new life into old American wood. We offer a showroom full of furniture of all shapes and sizes, ready to fill any home, big or small, modern or rustic, with a splash of history and character.

We specialize in pieces such as:

• Harvest Tables
• Hall Tables
• Benches
• Night Stands and End Tables
• Dining Tables
• And More!

Our pieces are much more than furniture, they are pieces of art that tell the stories of years past. The artist is passionate about her creations, and she believes what she is doing is exciting because the century old boards are given "new life" and get the opportunity to be the part of someone's life once again. For reclaimed wood furniture or character furniture pieces, Columbia, you can count on us.

If you are looking for new pieces of furniture for your home, visit Green Meadow Barn Company so you can get something that is much more than furniture. Instead, we offer showpieces that will definitely be a topic of conversation. Call us to schedule a visit to our showroom today to see our fine selection of handcrafted works of art.
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